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I enjoy painting people --


either of a character I imagined,

or a more abstract representation of people I know.


I always start with an ink sketch.

I find that the ink and brush let me move freely...


they let the soul within me create the work...

they allow for unexpected strokes and details,

which most of the time

add to the character of the painting.


I also find the permanency of ink an advantage.

It lets me embrace imperfections.


Imperfectly perfect...

that's how i like things.


I'm somehow a feminist,

and that's why most of my paintings are of women.

Although, I promise,

I do create paintings of men once in a while!


I grew up in Manila, Philippines,

studied Economics in De La Salle University.

Continuing on the business path,

i then went on for my MBA at the Universtiy of Arizona,

then worked in San Francisco during the dot com boom.


It was only when I had kids and moved to Vancouver B.C. in Canada

that I had time off from work and came face to face with my creative pursuits.


I dabbled in quite a bit of art...

including sewing, glass blowing, and photography...

and finally...

I  found myself perfectly at home...

with my true love... painting!